Monday, November 27, 2006

The Birthday Party that almost wasn't

It was shaping up to be a beautiful week and weekend. Piper was getting over a nasty virus/infection and everyone was in good spirits. Then Finley got sick...nasty green snotty sticky runny nose and a phlegmy cough. Not so nice to be around and what were we to do with her birthday party a few days away. I did not want to repeat last year and cancel the festivities,so i called all the parents and informed them of the situation here and let them know that we would completely understand if they decided not to come but we were still going to party.

The theme for Fin's party this year was and arts and crafts party. The girls painted some small canvases and I attatched the information:

Come celebrate and sing
Happy Birthday to you
Our Artist in Residence
Finley Claire
is turning 2!

yada yada yada

party favors included a personalized apron for each child and a goody bag with art supplies.

We had 3 art/craft projects: canvases to paint, shaving cream to fingerpaint, and graham crackers to paint with cream cheese and "embelish" with jelly beans.

There was arting and craftin and eating and singing and the occasional crying and everyone had fun.

LOTS of presents that Piper "helped" her sister open and a tower of cupcakes.

Streamers are happy and I wished that we could leave them up all year and my baby, she turned two, sniff.

When I was growing up, birthdays were a big deal and that is a tradition I have sort of forced upon my own family, somewhat to Jason's dismay, but you could tell it was a good party because everyone had nice long happy naps afterwards.

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Eric said...

Happy Birthday Finley!

I can't believe she is two! The party looked like so much.

The painting and the shaving cream is how Jagger's class starts everyday. Nothing better than meeting some sensory needs to start the day with.

Jagger was just looking at the pictures with me and when he saw the picture of your dad and finley he said,"Hey, that's my favorite guy!"