Friday, March 31, 2006


So, we have returned from the land of eternal vomit. The throwing up thing that plagued Finley last week decided to pay visits to Jason and I as well, although piper was lucky and avoided it all; how? I don't know. Seriously, it was really awful and we are all just getting back on our feet.

Good thing this week was Spring Break 06! It was just what we needed to feel better. We spent last weekend disinfecting the house and then it was time to party. Monday found s at the park, Tuesday we went to Sea World (absolutely fantastically fun was had by all), Wednesday we chilled at home, Thursday was the zoo with Grammy, and today we went to the beach! It was a seriously great and fun week.

Piper was not bitten by the stomach sickies but had a very difficult week last week because it's no fun to have parents that can't get out of bed without throwing up, so needless to say, she was not at her best and didn't have what I would call a cheery attitude but who can blame her? Well, this week was a total turn around and she was so much fun to be with and talk with and just have fun. Bug and Birdie are really starting to get along and become friends which is something I had resigned myself to believing would never happen. They play together and laugh all the time and sing and dance and just love on each other and on me and daddy.

Jason and I have decided to tackle one house project each weekend. One project i am itching to start is our kitchen. I decided that I want to paint our cabinets white. The cabinets have a raised panel in each door and I want to use the magnetic chalkboard paint on some of the panels. has anyone ever used this product and if so, where you pleased with the results and do you have and advice or tips?

I've also been involved in a bunch of swaps lately and I need to properly thank and post picstures of what I've received. It has been so much fun.

Wow, this is a way boring post. Finley learned a new word: "Turd" She most likely picked it up from Piper calling her "turdface". nice.

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Jen said...

So glad everyone is feeling better!

My sister painted the chalkboard paint on one of her walls. It is really cool looking! It must be fool proof if she can do it! :)