Monday, March 06, 2006

Hair and there

just so you know, Wednesday is my birthday, (shameless plug) two days from now...and I have some BIG plans. you'll have to wait and see but be on the lookout for something new with me.

oohhhh, and I get my haircut tomorrow by a new person. It is the same woman who cuts kellie's hair and her hair always looks good so it will be ok, right? Ever wonder why when women change hair people it's like a divorce? I feel like I'm sneaking around behind my hair stylist's back and cheating on her. so if you see her, tell her I've gone to the gym or had to work late.


Jason Egan said...

Oh... well then I guess we'd better start singing now?
Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday dear Shanon! Happy birthday to you!

Jason Egan said...

By the way - I have always wondered why it is so strange for women to change who cuts their hair. When I need a hair cut I forget... then when it is getting long... I forget... and about the time it is down to my shoulders (not really), I stop at the first place I see and say 'business cut' or 'short all the way around' and it usually comes out just fine.

Now I have to admit that sometimes my hair is in shock from losing more than half its length for a few days and does weird things, but oh well. It grows back right?

So, tell us - why on earth is it such a big deal? My wife won't tell me. She comes home from the salon and I say 'Nice haircut', etc. and she rolls her eyes and occasionally tells me how bad it is, or how great this person is. Then I see the bill and have to sit down for about 30 minutes.