Thursday, March 16, 2006

Picnic in the park swap

I am supposed to post this on my blog for a craft swap I am involved with for my partner to see:


1. Your style: ecclectic, vintage, homey and cozy, very laid back

2. What's your kind of bag: I'm not picky, every bag has a place in my heart

3. Your ideal summer: salt water, sunburn, sand in my toes, babies that smell like sunscreen, a great tabloid magazine, dancing with my girls in the kitchen, cooling off in our new pool (yeah!!!)

4. Sherbet (made with water) or ice cream (made with cream)? fruity sherbet (i'm lactose-intolerant, like you really wanted to know)

5. Water or fizzy drinks? water, please, but I love a great white wine spritzy sangria

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