Thursday, September 01, 2005

School Days

So we are back in full swing as Lab School has started again and this year both girls are in a class...Piper in one day a week Toddlers and Finn is in one day a week Older Infants. We started Piper on Tuesday and I soon realized that the children in that class were at least 4months younger and none of the kids she was with last year were in there so we decided to switch to the Thursday class. She knows more of the kids in that class and they are closer to her age. With a "slow-to-warm" child, I thought it was important for her to feel absolutely comfortable and today was a success as she creeped out of her shell. Finn is in the Older Infants class and she is the youngest, but she crawled right into the middle of everthing and stole some little boy's toy right off the bat. She will not be pushed around. I am now the "Art Parent" for Finn's class and the "Parent Leader" for Piper's class. I am crazy.

It's a juggling act and just today I ran into a mother of a former student of mine and she said:

"I remember the days when my girls were little and I just resigned myself to the fact that my life was all about them and totally devoted to them and their interests."


Also, I am a moron.

On Tuesday I was rushing out of the house because even though I wake up at the crack of dawn I still can't seem to get it together so we are not rushed in the morning...and I put Piper's shot record on the top of the car and then my beautiful little awesome camera on top of the shot record so I could wrestle Piper into her car seat...and you can see where this story is going. I of course left the shot record and my poor defenseless camera on the roof of the car.

You want to know what's really bad about this story...I didn't even remember that I had put those things there. Later that afternoon I picked up Jason's sister Beka, beloved babysitter of Piper and Finley, and when we returned, my neighbor came up to me and said she had found something in her yard that she thought belonged to was Piper's shot record. I thought that was did it get in her yard?


Yeah, then I realized that I must have left the shot record on the roof of my car, but did I remember my camera? Not until the next morning while I was in the shower did it cross my mind that I hadn't taken any pictures of the girls at school and where was my camera anyway, because I thought I had brought it with me and then...CRAP!

I walked up and down the street looking for even the smallest piece that would represent by beloved memory maker, but alas she eluded me and there was no trace of her anywhere. Some punk probably found it but hopefully it was after it had pour down rain and ruined it and put her out of her misery of being away from her master. Oh, how I miss her nimble size and shape, her easy operations, her sleek styling, her 5 megapixel crisp beautiful pictures. Surprisingly, Jason wasn't too upset with me, I guess he figured that I felt bad enough.

And now Piper is putting "make-up" (crayon coloring) on her babydoll. Nice.

Construction on our pool is supposed to start next week and if you didn't know...we are being sued but I'm not really supposed to talk about that. It's real fun! And neat!

I'm looking forward to this holiday weekend. We will be visiting with family, celebrating birthdays and Jonah will be home. Thinking about taking the girls to a football game and hopefully we might make it to the beach, but it is so stinkin hot!

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