Wednesday, September 07, 2005


So what can I say about the show last night?

Let's begin at the beginning. We left the house and piled into Tiffany's car (6 of us) and it took us about 45 minutes just to get out of Merritt Island/Cocoa/Rockledge area and onto I95 to Boca Raton (where the show was). It was a long trip and we decided to stop at Burger King to get something to eat. They were understaffed and a fight almost broke out...not good.

So then we made our way to the amphitheater and realized that this venue was unique in that we didn't really need to buy tickets...there were hundreds of people just sitting outside the gates on lawn chairs with their coolers have a great time. Anyway, we made it through the gates and waded through the masses to a spot to put our balnket on the ground. we were very lucky that it didn't rain at all and it was a beautiful night.

Matt Costa opened with the Animal Liberation Orchestra. As a special "guest musician," Tom Dumont from No Doubt is touring with them. I have to say that I was impressed by Matt Costa and I have since bought his album from itunes. Check him out! Funny thing is that after the hole show was over, we were waiting for Beka to buy a shirt and walks by Matt Costa. Jason had his picture made with him and he seemed surprised that anyone would want to do that.

So, then Jack Johnson came on. I have to say that it was the best show ever. It was a small venueso it was very intimate. Beka, Tiffany, Noah and I ducked and weaved our way to the front of the crowd and of course there were the drunk obnoxious people and the constant threat of punches being thrown, but when it almost actually happened people were saying, "C'mon man, it's Jack Johnson." And that perfectly summed up the laid-back and inspiring and flowing that the music was. It was like a big party. He sang all of my favorite songs and then we were surprised with a special guest.

Jimmy Buffet. Came out and sang with Jack Johnson. Sweet.

It was a long drive home and it smelled like up dog. What's up dog? What exactly is up dog? (sorry, this is an inside joke)

This was the highlight of this year so far, it was exhilarating and refreshing and all things fun and crazy and fantastic.


Sean OHern said...

i definitely smell updog right now

Eric said...

I'm so glad you had fun!

Noah Compton said...

Agreeed, that was an awesome concert/mini road trip. I think we should go for a frequent tradition of doing that type of a thing. The conert was great, the friends were great, and all the drunkards tripping everywhere were great too.