Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Jason has taught his first born that it is funny, hysterical even, to "toot," or fart as more commonly known. So, yesterday after hitting her baby sister multiple times she had to sit in "time-out." I have to sit there with her because her first time out space is on the stairs and I have to insure that she will stay there for the full 2 minutes. We are sitting there, having no fun because it is time out, and I will not look at her or touch her.

She tries everything to get my attention, leaning forward putting her face in mine, stroking my hair, patting my back...being the sweet child I know she can be...and nothing works for her, I am a statue. Feeling frustrated, she gets really quiet and then grunts a little and squeezes out a "toot." Then she looks at me and laughs and how can I help but laugh with her.

My child the genius tooter.

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