Saturday, December 04, 2004

This is Me

So, after endless months of my husband, Jason, going on and on about his blog, here I am with my first post on my very own blog. It is named after my children, Piper (Bug) and Finley (Birdie - although she is only 4 weeks old and we are not sure that this will be her long term nickname).

I used to teach Kindergarten at a private school. This is funny because I do not have an education degree. My degree is in something completely useless but very interesting and impressive to hear: Historic Restoration and Preservation of Homes and Buildings. Betcha didn't know that you could even get a degree in something like that,huh? I am convinced that if you pay enough money and go to enough classes you can get a degree in anything you want. So, the only real experience I had in teaching was when I taught a 3 year olds Sunday School class with my mom when I was 15. I guess that was enough to get me the job.

Nowadays, however, I am enjoying my time at home with my children as a stay at home mama. Piper is 22 months and Finley is 4 weeks and they are everything that is good and right in the world. Most of my posts will probably consist of stories about our life together at home...the good, the bad, the funny, and the very very ugly.

Jason and I have been married for 3.5 years and together for a total of 6.5 years. He is the ever funny if not corny rock that is my saving grace on most days. He is the cool head when I am not, and the comic relief when I have been pushed to my limit. He was the first guy to ever pay for me when we went on a date, and he still likes my butt after having 2 kids. More on him later.

I feel as though I am trying to redefine the definition of what a stay at home mom looks and acts like on a daily basis. Thus, I am preparing to relaunch a website that my hubby initially began, GoGoMama. We'll see how and when I am going to accomplish this task.

I look forward to sharing my ideas and anecdotes on this blog...feel free to comment!

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