Wednesday, December 08, 2004

My trip to the CVS

It is almost Christmas and I am attempting for the first time since we have been married to publish Christmas letter and send cards with a picture of our children. This being said, I had to take a decent picture of my almost 2 year old holding my 4 week old. I started by plumping up Piper with pillows on the bed and I made sure that Dora the Explorer was on TV so that she wouldn't really notice that I was smushing her baby sister on her and taking their picture. Of course, Piper wouldn't take her fingers out of her mouth and kept making her "CHEEZE" smile face that is less than becoming...but she would not look at me. Poor Finley, who was sound asleep, flinched every time I took a picture with the flash going off in her face.

Next up, taking my Bug and Birdie to CVS (which I have a strong dislike...bordering hate). This is interesting in itself because I know that I am going to need a free hand to fill out the picture envelope. If they have a drive thru pharmacy, why can't they have a drive thru for the photo lab? So, I decide that I will leave Finley in her carseat (that weighs more than both of my children together) and carry her in that and I will let Piper walk on her own. Big mistake... HUGE! Before I could turn around Tornado Piper had hit. Oh well. What can you do?

This all seemed like nothing compared to what was about to happen. I leave CVS and proceed to load up my offspring into the huge SUV that I now drive like wearing a badge that says...I am Uber Mom... When I get this strange feeling that someone is watching me. I turn and look over my shoulder to find the women owner of the car next to me carefully examining the space between my open door and the side of her car. Now if you knew my husband you would know that there is no possible way that I would let my car door hit the car beside me...that is a sin punishable by death. So, I smile politely and say, "Excuse me," as I am trying to keep Piper from running into the street and as I am hoisting the carseat with Finley into the base holder thing. I kid you not, she stays there and keeps watch to make sure that I do not hit her car. I close the door and she huffs over to her door and places some rubber bumper thing on the side of her door and sighs especially loudly, making sure I am not to miss her exasperation.

I have come to learn that the best way to deal with a situation like this is to laugh it off...that being said, my life is pretty hilarious.

Jason...I miss you and I love you.

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