Monday, December 06, 2004

Poop in the tub

Me: "Piper, did you poop in the tub?"
Piper: "Yeah, Mama" nodding her head

This is how my night began last night after Jason left to go spend a week in Raleigh for work (although I suspect he is a little relieved that the only worries he will have there are things I cannot discuss - see previous post).

So, there I was trying to calm a hysterically crying newborn and clean out a tub full of poop. Finally after putting Piper to bed, I decide that this is the week I will try to get Finley on a schedule and start a routine. I get her bath ready and she is still screaming. I bathe her and she is still screaming. I am thinking, at least this screaming will tire her out. Get her in her pajamas...still screaming. Finally, I sit down to nurse her and flick on the TV. Of course, Desperate Housewives isn't on this week...geez, can't anything go right?

Then the power goes out. Why? Probably due to some person thinking they are Clark Griswald doing up there house in a horrific amount of lights. Flashlight? Who knows where that is, so I just rock my baby to sleep. The power eventually comes back on.

I had put her crib in the closet...don't call protective services...our closet is bigger than the room I grew up in...I lay her down ever so gently must be a miracle...she stays asleep...until 10:30pm. I nurse her again, and she decides she would rather stay awake until midnight. I follow the five minute increasing rule as I let her cry for 5 mins, soothe her, let her cry 7 mins, soothe her, let her cry 10 min, soothe her, another 10 mins and it is time to nurse again.

Finally, she is asleep and sleeps from 12 to 4...not bad...better than anything she had done up until this point. However, she is up from 4 to 5:30. Then, same routine with the crying and soothing. Sleeps until 8am. Now, we are all getting ready to go to the Dr.

The moral of the story is this...don't have 2 kids so close together!

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Jason Dowdell said...

I must admit that I'm married to the most incredible woman in the world. I mean, she hasn't slept in a month and now that I'm in Raleigh she's making progress in getting Finley to sleep on her own... Thanks for watching our children and still finding a way to look good doing it!