Monday, February 16, 2009

Vacation from HELL

The rundown on the vacation we tried to take: ETD Friday 4pm

Thursday morning - Finley wakes screaming with ear pain. She has had a cold for a week and had been to the Doc the day before. Diagnosis - ear infection. given antibiotic.

Thursday night 4 am (technically Friday morning) - Jonas pukes and has a not so pleasant diaper requiring a bath, clothing, and sheets changes.

Friday morning - send Piper to school. Finley, Jonas, and I stay home to pack and get ready to leave and recover.

Friday 2pm - Jonas puking puking puking...consider staying home. Talk with my dad (the kids doc) and decide that we can go. We leave 2 hours behind schedule.

Friday evening - Piper feels hot but acting ok. No puking from the backseat.

Friday 11pm - arrive in the keys. No puke. Piper at 102.7, excellent.

No sleep

Saturday am - Piper at 101, give her some motrin, send her to the pool with Finley and Bekah (Jason's sister we brought to help us out). Still not puking from Jonas but eruptions from the other end.

Saturday late morning - Jason and I make it to the pool with Jonas to meet Piper, Finley, and Bekah. Piper is fading fast and only wants to lay on a lounge chair covered with a towel crying and saying she's freezing.

I stay at the pool with Finley who wanted to get her hair braided and Piper, Jonas, Jason, and Bekah head back to the room.

Saturday afternoon - hang out in the room. Piper peaks at 103.7. Commence freaking out.

Saturday night - order room service for dinner (Happy Valentine's Day!) and they mistakenly bring fish instead of chicken fro Jason and the smell sends me in the other room.

I begin to projectile vomit. at least 2 times an hour. from 9pm to 5am.

kids in bed, continue puking.

3am - Jason beings to puke.

Piper can't sleep because her fever is spiking.

Wondering what hell this is and how do I get out.

PERK - Jonas sleeps 12 hours straight.

Sunday morning - Jason still puking, Jonas seems totally out of it, Piper still with the fever - we decide to leave a day early. But, who will drive?

Sunday 1pm - packed and rolling out, I'm driving because I stopped puking earlier.

Sunday 1:30pm - Jonas pukes ALL OVER himself, the carseat, etc. Start freaking out again.

Sunday 6pm - make it home, but to my parents house first to see if Jonas needs to be admitted to the hospital for dehydration. Thankfully, he says no but that he's is starting to get dehydrated and need fluids so for the first time I might have to give him formula due to the fact that I am dehydrated from puking. SUCKAGE.

Sunday 7pm - Jonas downs a bottle of watered down apple juice, feeling a little better and not as worried about him.

Sunday night - up all night because Jonas can't get comfortable and PIper keeps having nightmares thanks to her fever. Jason took something that has made him dead to the world so it's all on me.

Monday - Jason still out of comission. (although why is it that when the guys are sick it's like the world is ending, but when the mom is sick we still have to do everything we normally do?) (seriously, he's practically been in bed all day...I m starting to feel a little resentment and a lot pissed off.)

Piper seems better. Finley still has a nasty cough and runny nose. Jonas is drinking. I still cannot eat or think about eating without feeling nauseous.

Most of all, I am just disappointed.


Kellie said...

Shannon that is awful. I am so sorry. We went through something similar last year, but Hazel didn't get it so it wasn't as bad as you guys. Hazel was also 2 months old and slept the whole time so I was able to lay in bed and not have to be up like you. Oh yeah, and we weren't all on vacation. lol.

I feel awful and wish I was there to help out in anyway.

I hear you on the resentment and pissed off. When we get sick it doesn't matter. We still are the ones who seem to have to take on the biggest chunk of the work/all of the work. It's really sucky and not fair.

I hope all you guys get better soon. Praying for you!

Hopefully you can get a do-over vacation soon.

Ashley said...

Oh no! And here I was feeling jealous all weekend because you guys were in the Keys and I was stuck studying ;-)

Please let me know if you need ANY help at all, I'm totally free this week since awful test is over.

Do you want me to pick up all the kids and take them to gymnastics? Dinner? Let me know!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is the crappiest vacation story ever!!! I'm sorry. I'm with Ashley on the "I was feeling Jealous" comment......but never mind...
I'm sorry, I hope everyone has recovered (its Tuesday night)