Sunday, February 01, 2009


Piper Jolie. That girl, she's amazing and I am so proud of her. 

I regret the time I wasted in college, not using that time in a wise way, taking for granted all the opportunity that I was too afraid to realize. That is something that I hope for my children, that they will seek the uncomfortable. That they will tuck their fear in their back pocket so that they will have the knowledge to realize when they need to play it safe or to take a risk. 

Piper has become a leader. She is even a great leader. She is strong but compassionate. She is tough but fair. She is assertive but kind. She is smart but creativity oozes out of her. I would want to be her friend and she would be a friend to me because she is just that kind of girl. She is the kind of girl that every boy will like, but she will be too busy to notice. She is so funny. She is going to do great things.

From the book "Your Six Year Old":
"Creativity is an attitude. It springs from the impulse of every human to communicate in some appropriate form his absolutely unique experience - unique because there has never been, since the beginning of time, anybody just like him. Every child longs, in effect, to put his thumbprint on the page, to scrawl his message on the world's surface: I WAS HERE."

There has never been anybody quite like Piper and I am excited to be a part of her life and I anticipate that her thumbprint will be seen by many. It is a privilege to be loved by her and to love her.  

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Ashley said...

Beautifully said, I expect great things from her!