Monday, February 02, 2009


It is true that I regret not taking full advantage of the time I spent in college. I am correcting that now and I have decided to take classes that interest me in one way or another whether it be photography or anthropology. Printmaking and graphic design. I am really excited about the possibilities and the exercise I am getting for my brain.

This semester I am taking Photography with a Digital Camera. So, I have created a set on my flickr stream where I am uploading all of my pictures fro my different assignments. It has already been challenging for me because I usually take pictures of my children and now I am looking at things from different angles. Also, I am learning that I am a perfectionist and this class is totally stressing me out!


Ashley said...

Sigh, I used to be that enthusiastic about I"m just burned out and OVER IT!

Ashley said...

BTW, like the new design!