Thursday, August 23, 2007

I've totally mastered this parenting thing

So today as I was enjoying a sour apple blow pop because I apparently can not stand upright without having to hurl, the girls were begging me for a lollipop of their own.

"I am only sucking on this lollipop because my tummy doesn't feel good."

"In fact, these are special lollipops, just for people who are pregnant."

"You wouldn't even like this because it is like sour medicine."

"Yes, you have to be pregnant to have one of these and you can't be pregnant until you're married."

"Well, you can't get married until you have finished college and have a job."

"And you have to work really hard and pretend like boys don't exist while you're in high school so that you can get into a good college."

"So, that's when we'll talk about you having one of these reallly disgusting lollipops...after you graduate from college and get married, and remember to marry that someone that you really love and don't settle because it's forever, then you can get pregnant, well, maybe be married a few years first and do a lot of traveling and learn about each other but don't wait too long because I don't want to be an old grandma."

"Ok, I'm glad we've cleared that up and no you can't have a lollipop."


Kellie said...

Love it.

Jenn Diner said...

i will be contacting for parenting advice...too cute!