Tuesday, August 14, 2007

HA! only 248 days to go!

I am so relieved that everyone knew what that drawing was about! And thanks so much for the well wishes, we are very excited. The girls are beyond excited as Piper has been begging me for close to a year for a baby.

I am due around April 18th and that seems like the perfect time. We wanted to space this baby a little farther away because I did not want two in diapers at the smae time again and I didn't want to be giving birth during Piper's first year of school because I remember when i was teaching Kindergarten and there were many kids who were welcoming siblings and it was a tough transition for them. So, I wanted there to be a little time in between when the baby is born and when Kindergarten starts so we can all get to know each other and what our family will be like as a family of five.

It never escapes me how absolutely blessed we are that we don't have fertility issues. I feel very fortunate as I have seen numerous people around me struggle and I know how heartbreaking it can be for a couple. I was a little nervous this time around because I had an IUD after Finley and I didn't know if that would have any affect on getting pregnant, but lucky for me the first time we tried we were successful. It has become a joke that all Jason has to do is whisper in my ear and I get pregnant and this time was no exception. It does kind of take the fun out of the "trying" part though but I am not complaining.

So now we wait what will seem like forever to find out the answer to the "boy or girl?" question. I will honestly be happy either way. I would love a boy but I also love my girls and can't imagine anything other than a girl. And we'll get to find out before Christmas so that will be good!

It's weird...Piper was an only child for almost 2 years but she will never remember her life before Finley and Finley has always had Piper, but I think that they will remember this new addition and what is was like before, I just think that's interesting.


Anita said...

Congrats! I'm very excited for you guys. You'll have to let me know how it is with 3 so I can glean from your wisdome before we try it!!!! Keep the updates a comin'.

Save It For Sunday said...

Congrats too you four! It will be fantastic to have another awesome niece/nephew... I miss the girls, I'll have to stop by sometime and have a play date. :)
Love you guys

Kellie said...

Eric says Congrats. He says "holy cow, 3 kids!"

I am really so excited and I am telling you, it's going to go by so fast it will make your head spin. For me it's slowing down now because it's almost the end, but with having two kids I can imagine it's going to fly by.