Friday, October 06, 2006

where did the time go?

The 6th of October already and that means that I am already behind on geting the girls' costumes made. I told myself last year that I wanted to start their costumes super early this year so there wouldn't be this rush to get them finished.

But, the girls, well, they had other plans.

"What do you want to be this year?"

another day, another different answer, mostly involving some sort of princess. Then I would throw in an opinion, "How about a pirate?" And the "YEAH MOM! I WANT TO BE A PRINCESS PIRATE!"

right. so.

Then Piper came up with the idea of Max from "Where the Wild Things Are" (one of my all time favorites) and Fin was to be a "wild thing" which she doesn't really need a costume for but anyway. I was haveing a difficult time envisioning them in these furry full-body suits in what is sure to be 80-90 degree weather. Veto.

I do like the idea of them being a pair or having costumes that relate to each other. So we racked our brains (not really) and we (I) have reached a decision and I'm not asking them anymore because they always change their answer. They dress up like princesses ona daily basis because without the TV on they really like to do imaginative play and dressing up is one of their top of the list activities so I didn't want to go with anything princess-y.

Piper - Alice from Alice in Wonderland

Finley - the chesire cat

Jason - the Queen of Hearts (just kidding, or am I?)

I got the blue cotton for Alice's dress for $1 a yard and you can't beat that and that sort of sealed the deal for me. Now I just have to get it done and this is not the month to crank stuff out because we have 2 night meetings to host for labschool and tons of other stuff, so much stuff I had to skip m monthly bunko game because we were out very night last week. phew!

Not only that, but Finley's birthday is right around the corner (what am I gonna do for that? ideas? she'll be 2!) And this weekend I get to go to Orlando to help my best friend register for her baby girl!

could this post have been more boring? That's what you get when I'm up at 5am to go to spinning class, by this time of day my brain is fried!


Beth said...

Ugh! I had this big old long comment written out and then the computer messed up! Long story short.. I am thinking about Shawn being a "mini" version of his dad, a carpentor. I am not very creative as you can tell. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Beth said...

Ok.. so it's offical Shawn is going to be a pirate this year. We bought the costum tonight. And I will say this.. I think this is going to be up there on my favorite's list!!