Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Look at that girl. I am so proud of her. We started swimming lessons last week and I wish we had started at the beginning of the summer. She was terrified to put her face in the water and would not go under the water. Well, 2 days of lessons and she's practically jumping in and now she is our little fish swimming all the way across the pool. Yesterday she had her 2 second float down (or up as the case may be) and you can just see in her face her sense of accomplishment and then of course she'll let you know, "I'm so proud of myself!"

Now, the birdie on the other hand does not enjoy her 10 minute lesson every day. Eventhough she cries pretty much the entire time, she is also swimming and a better floater than Piper. She can't cry under water, so the only other option is to swim. We have their lesson after school every day and as soon as we leave the school parking lot and head towards the instructors house you can hear her saying her mantra:"I don't want to go to swimming lessons. I don't want to go to swimming lesons." The both are working really hard, and as a result, both are very tired and sometimes skip lunch because they have fallen asleep in the car on the way home. We are so ortunate that it is still 90+ degrees here. Really, soooo fortunate. Our weatherman is tempting us with temps in the low 80's this weekend.

We'll see.


Ashley said...

Yay Piper and're doing it! It really pays off, Spencer fell in the pool on accident yesterday (I was right there) and he was immediately in his float and's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Good Job Girls!! Thanks for the reminder that I really do need to get Shawn into a swimming class.

Kellie said...

That is awesome Shannon. all it took for Jagger was my cousin matthew to swim with him one day. He swims all over the pool now. Underwater and everything. It's crazy.

Fin sounds like such a little buster!

Naptime sounds nice. :)