Thursday, July 06, 2006

I did not crash into a tree

I was a little nervous the day before we left for our little vacation without the girls to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. 1.) Both Finley and Piper had fevers left over from vacation Bible school the week before where people were bringing their children who were THROWING UP to the childcare and leaving them there and bringing them back after not even 24 hours of not THROWING UP. It would be nice for us to be involved in some activity with other people and not end up with some sort of virus. And b.) For some reason I was nervous that Jason and I would have nothing to talk about. I mean, it has been 5 years and what if we had nothing left to say to each other and we just ended up looking at each other and shifting around in our seats in that uncomfortable awkward silence? At least it would be quiet I guess. I was really getting anxious about not making the most of this little getaway, not having fun, setting my expectations too high, you know all around stressing out over really stupid things.

I asked Jason if he had any of these fears and he laughed at me.

We stayed in Orlando the first night because the B&B we were going to didn't have a vacancy that night. We dropped the feverish girls at my parents where they kicked us out the door. Seriously, the girls were so incredibly excited that I felt bad that they weren't crying and adhereing themselves to my legs like anchors not letting me get out the door. I was missing them before we backed out of the driveway.

It's weird how I was so ready for a break from the mommy thing but as soon as I shut the door of the car to drive away, I wanted them back. It's just great how you can never win...You feel guilty for feeling overwhelmed when your taking care of them and you feel guilty leaving them behind to go have fun with your husband. I just love them so much and I hate it when i catch myself complaining about our day-to-day routine, but that is a topic for another post.

Anyway, Orlando night #1 - we had dinner with my best friend from high school and her husband because they live in Orlando. They also closed on a new house that very same day, so we got a tour of their beautiful new home that I hope will soon be filled witht he pitter-patter. We were really tired and had talked about going out later that night but decided to instead go back to our hotel which was really cozy and comfortable.

The next day found us shopping a bit before heading up to Amelia Island which is just north of Jacksonville. The trip was good and we hadn't yet run out of things to talk about. I called to check on the girls (since they were sick, you know...not because I was missing them so much I htought my heart was going to explode) and they were ok. Poor bug was sicker and birdie was feeling better.

After getting lost,we finally found our B&B, The Elizabeth Pointe Lodge.

It is right on the beach and has a beautiful porch on the back where we had a glass of wine (Jason had a beer) and jut let it soak in. It was so. incredibly. quiet. It was hard to just sit and realx and let it be quiet.

After settling into our room, we decided to go into the historic downtown to find a place for dinner. Walking along we happened upon a corner that was busy with people and decided that this would be a great place for our dinner. Jason had mint chocolate chip and i had double fudge brownie because the numer one rule for vacations is that #1 - You must eat ice cream for dinner a minimum of one time and with no limitations on the number of times or meals. (does that make sense?)

The rest of the vacation was a blur of the beach and lots of food, some good, some HORRIBLE and more ice cream and some other unmentionable activities. When I told people before we left that we were going ona vacation alone many of them asked in return - "oooo, are you going to have an announcement of some kind when you get back?" the answer is "NO!"

One highlight of the trip was our segway tour. There were six of us including 2 guides. They took us through Fort George Island Cultural State Park and Kingsley Plantation. They were very well educated on the vegetation and wildlife and the platation history as well.

I was extremely anxious about this segway thing. I do not have a good record with any kind of personal motorized anything so I was hesitant to say the least. My last encounter with a motorized thing was a scooter which I immediately drove right into a tree and that was probably 10 years ago. But the segway was different. it uses your own body to make it go and it was really cool although I looked like a total dork.

The day we were set to go home, I was totally ready. I can't say that I caught up on any sleep but I did get a tan and jason and I had plenty to talk about so I could fill up that silence that was bugging me. Funny how a lot of the time at home I just want 2 seconds of quiet, but away from it all i can't stand to hear nothing. My fears of us being totally boring people were unfounded and I did discover that I love him so much more and I'm glad he's my best friend because we really have great fun together andi do believe that we are better together than we would be apart.

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Jason said...

Segways are SO fun - I went on a tour of DC on one - and was COOOL! If you ever get a chance to do that - DO IT!

BTW - you don't look like a dork!

Check out my post from when we went - and Clint (Jason met him) on the video link: it was cool!