Friday, July 07, 2006

20 months

I usually only write a post like this on their half birthdays, but Finley has been such a joy lately that I wanted to get something down so i don't forget them:

Finley the are living up to your name. You quite possibly may be the messiest, gooeyest, stickiest baby I have ever met. There isn't a piece of any kindof food that doesn't end up smeared and embedded in all parts of your body. You insist on feeding yourself and we are left to clean up the aftermath. I love to watch you smash things up in your hands with that expression of, "Yes, I will conquer you tiny morsel of food!"

People are always commenting on how smart you are and so verbal. I read somewhere recently that people are shaped most by your siblings and you definitely get the talking all the time thing from your sister. You two play so well together now with only a few minor squabbles and you look up to Piper and try to do whatever she does because "if Piper can do it, I can do it." Whatever it is you accomplish, you feeling of pride show all over your face in a wide smile and an exuberant, "I DID IT!" I love that...don't ever lose that spirit of perseverence and accomplishment. So many girls have self esteem problems and i hope that we are teaching you that you indeed can do it and we'll help you if you ever find yourself in a place of need.

You and i were in the fabric store the other day and we were checking out when you finished your drink. You kept smiling at me and the woman in line behind us and talking to her and flirting. You looked at me and thrust your sippy cup in my direction and said, "MORE!"

The cashier looked at you and said, "Can you say, 'More, Please?'"? And then went on to say how that "please" was the first word of both of her children and how they would be out in public and her children would say pkease and everyone would ooo and ahhh and pee in their pants they were so impressed and yada yada yada.

Again she looks at you and repeats (because apparently because you are a baby, that makes you deaf) "Can you say 'More, Please?'"?

You look at me giving me that coy sheepish little smile that I understand and you look at her and and change that smile into another kind of sweet syrupy smile and with eyes bright you thrust your cup at her and yell,


That's my girl.

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