Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Finley (yesterday)

I can't believe she's three...

then again, maybe I can.

I love you Finn.


Kellie said...

Happy Late Birthday Finn!

Hannah said...

thanks so much.
whenever i go and babysit for you guys, im always getting amazing advice from you both. i mean...
"in order to change you must begin with accepting who you are"
extremely knowledge filled. =]
friends can be a pain, but i trust you in how it will mean very little in the future.
and yea boys are stupid. haha
Thanks so much Shannon.
I love you!
one of the best sisters i could have.
and you and Jason have already done so much for me, but its awesome to know you'll be there.
see you thursday!


OH! and even though its really really late. im hoping finley had a great birthday. =]