Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The tribe spoke

The "survivor" couples shower was awesome. totally radical.

We had 4 challenges and most everyone participated which made it so much more fun.
Challenge #1 - tug of war across the pool - had the least amount of participants and I think that was because you fell in the pool if you lost.
Challenge #2 - Lay an egg - each couple had to put an egg between their backs and safely get it on the ground without it cracking. This game was fantastic! Very interesting positions were attempted and everyone tried at least once.
Challenge #3 - a trivia game of questions about the soon-to-be-married couple.
Challenge #4 - the food challenge. As I was preparing the food, i made sure that everyone saw me opening the dog food so they were totally grossed out and worried that I was feeding them the recalled stuff.. What they didn't know is that i switched it out with some kind of beef stew (I'm so sneaky). So they had to eat that, cooked chicken hearts, and fishlets, which are some kind of various fish pieces that are kosher. i saw it on the grocery aisle and figured it looked gross enough. It was funny how everyone thought the dog food tasted just like "vegetable soup" and we had success in making someone throw up...it was the fishlets that did it.

Now, the main factor in getting everyone to participate was the beer. Give them enough beer and they really will do anything. Another highlight was the camcorder i set up as the "confessional" so everyone could give the couple advice or well wishes. Again, with the beer, it turned into something unforgettable. If I can figure out how to get a video on this...

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