Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

My first submission to Self Portrait Tuesday where the theme for May is "Introduce Yourself."

In honorofthis submissionI would like to revisit "10 things you may not know about me."

1. If I can't find any clean socks to wear to the gym (which happenspretty much all the time) I wear the least smelliest dirty socks I can find (usually the sock I previously wore and stuck into my sneakers after I took them off without untying the laces.)

2. When I was in gradeschool I owned (rented) the soda machine in my dad's office. We would buy the soda for cheap wherever it was on sale and I would stock the machine myself. I would also collect the money and count it all which was not my favorite thiong to do. This money was put into an account and funded my college life since I had a full ride.

3. I had a full scholarship to college including tutition and books.

4. I love showers and hate baths, something about sitting in water that is full of your own dirt and gunk...

5. Jason and I will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary this month and a total of 8 years together in June. I'm very proud of that accomplishment.

6. I really like the tv show "Gilmore Girls"

7. my close friends and my family call me "Sha" and my brother corey calls me "Janet" because i used to have a snile babysitter when I was littel that called me janet all the time because I reminded her off her niece or someone.

8. right now I want to have 1-2 more children naturally and then adopt 2 more, although jason might not agree now, he will, you'll see.

9. I wear a t-shirt to bed

10. I am punch-you-in-the-stomach-take-your-breath-away in love with my girls

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