Wednesday, April 26, 2006

what would you do?

so we were out and about this morning and Piper saw a rather overweight woman and she said to me in her somewhat shout/really loud voice:

"Mom, that woman has a really big tummy. Really really big tummy. Mom, do you see her? She has the really biggest tummy in the world. Mom! MOM! MOM! DO YOU SEE HER WITH THE REALLY BIG TUMMY?"

I'm sure the woman had to have heard her big 3 year old voice and I just kind of sunk inside mysef not knowing what to say or how to react or for the love of God just leave and know, fight or flight? fly fly fly!

Have you ever had to address something like this and if so, how did you go about the explanation to your child?

usually she just asks me if the lady has a baby in her tummy as a lot of our friends are pregnant at the moment and Piper has taken to walking around the house with a stuffed animal up her shirt calling it "the baby in my tummy."

and just is one of my favorite pictures of my favorite bug:


Jen said...

LOL! My sister said something like that when she was about Piper's age...she and my Mom were in the grocery store checkout line and she says "Momma, that's a BBBIIIGGG Woman!" I will have to ask her how she handled it, knowing my Mom she was probably too mortified to speak!

stargirl99 said...

Grandma C. Was telling us a story about Jason and how he was yelling at the top of his longs "THAT MAN HAS HUGE EARS GRAMA, DID YOU SEEEEE THEM??"

Cheryll said...

I have a 4 year old, so I totally feel you. My little girl keeps asking me about when she is in my tummy, and then says her baby has a baby in her tummy. Nice! She also has a nack for picking out any person that looks and little diffrent, but I have come up with a solution, I tell her that God makes everyone a little diffrent and we are all special in out own ways.