Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Blustery Day

It has been so windy today that Piper and I decided to make a kite this afternoon. It is not a functional in thesense that it is real, but for all intensive purposes it got the job done. Piper took it outside to fly it (which means Piper running back and forth dragging it) before it started to rain. I am such a sucker for my girls, I just think they are the most beautiful things ever created.

Anyway you can click for a slideshow of the kite flying extravaganza!

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Eric said...

That is a great idea. I think tomorrow is supposed to be similar so we might do the same thing.

We saw your dad today. Have I told you I love him. I have told the whole internet so of course I have told you.
I do love him. I think he was laughing at me today. We have two frogs and he had this grin on his face like,"what are you? Crazy?" It was awesome.