Monday, May 09, 2005

Dear Finley

You are 6 months old now. A whole half of a year old. Happy Half Birthday!

What can I tell you about these first 6 months of your life? You are every bit a part of this family as if you were always here. You came into this world to meet a mama, daddy, and big sister and now you hate it when any of us are out of your sight. I fear that you are a bit over-bonded with me, but it's ok because secretly I love it that sometimes I am the only one who can calm you and soothe you.

Recently you love it when your daddy makes this annoying noise that he thinks sounds like a sea lion. He starts and then your sister starts and then you are belly-laughing. Sometimes that laugh consumes your whole entire little body and you get so excited that you look like you could explode. Other times it is the screaming and crying and general madness that makes you look like that.

You like pears and bananas and I am trying to get you to take something other than my boob. I try to sit you up and you will stay for like half of a second and then you lean forward and stay that way for a little while and then you either topple over to the front or to the side. You like your exersaucer...but...Lord help you when you are done being in there. You definitely are not shy about speaking up for yourself.

You like to sleep on your tummy and you take a passy, unlike your sister you plugs her mouth with her thumb. You absolutely love love love your big sister Piper, and she loves you. I just sit and watch the two of you sometimes while you play much as you can play. She does silly things and you laugh at her and I can just see the way you look at her like she is the best. You are going to be such best friends. I never had that kind of relationship so you should know that you are very lucky and blessed to have someone that you can share secrets with and fight over clothes and might not always get along but you will always have someone to go to when you need help.

You love the water...especially the pool. You kick your feet and legs and love to float. You also love to be outside just laying on a blanket or beach towel in the shade looking at the trees swaying in the wind and staring at the shadows the sun makes.

My sweet child, I love you more than you can understand. My love for you is deep and high, wide and heavy. Know that I will protect you but not smother you, discipline you but also allow you to explore on your own. The world is yours for discovering.

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Eric said...

I cannot belive she is 6 months!!!