Monday, July 27, 2009

Back to School

Two weeks of summer left and I am getting so emotional about the start of school. This summer was way too short.

I need to preface this with saying that, yes, I care about the environment and such, but I am not overly into "going green" I guess i would be more like "blue-green"? I mean, I use reusable bags for groceries and we don't use plastic water bottles, and we try to not produce too much waste and one way i do that is what I pack for lunch for Piper.

Anyway, I started making a a list of back to school gear that is needed for the bug and the bird and I came across these reusable sandwich bags.

Budget conscious that I now am, I looked around the "sew office" and thought, "Well, I can make those!" I've had this iron-on vinyl sitting around for years, no joke, don't know what I had purchased it for but it was perfect for his project. About 30 min or less later, I had made one cloth reusable sandwich bag! I do feel proud of myself and I see myself making more of these although my machine is making an unfortunate unhealthy noise that needs to be looked at, hhmmm.

sorry for the craptastic pictures.

Most of the time, we use these lock & lock storage things for lunch - they have dividers that make four little compartments to keep food from mingling and they fit perfectly in the lunch, they are relatively cheap, dishwasher safe! It makes packing a lunch kind of fun, well, sort of. It's like a modern bento box. I ordered mine here. They come in all sizes and I have larger ones as well and they are super.

We just returned from our family vacation in the Outer Banks of NC and we had a fantastic time with my family and all the cousins. Now, a week of gymnastics camp and then full on school prep mode and I start a new job! Haven't I mentioned that? More on that later, but I am super excited!


Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon what a great way to share information and stories about you and your family. You are very creative. I actually bought some reusable bags last year and love them. Yours look really cool! Looking forward to you joining our group. See you in a couple weeks.

Ashley said...

Awesome, just made a couple of these before the babe was born, need to make a few more. I didn't use iron on vinyl though - must find some!