Sunday, March 01, 2009

Lose It!

So, my goal was to lose 30 pounds by my 30th, and well, I'll just say it - it was an unrealistic goal. I mean, I guess it could have been done if i just cut my calories to like 0 and exercised every waking minute of the day. But, you know, I have these other little beings that need me to do stuff for them and keep them away from eating lightbulbs and stuff, so that plan wasn't happening.

I have amended that plan to 15 pounds by my 30th and that is a very attainable goal since I have lost 10+ already and I wanted to tell you something that is helping me out - a free app on my iphone called Lose It! You enter your current weight, your goal weight and it lets you choose losing up to 2 pounds per week. Then, it gives you a calorie budget.

Once you have your budget, you enter the food you eat during the day. It has a handy search tool and the ability to save favorite foods that you eat regularly. It also has brand name foods, if your into that sort of thing.

You can also add in the exercise you do and it will give you an idea of how many calories you have burned and it will subtract is from your intake to give you how many calories you have for the rest of your eating that day.

So, the other thing I'm doing is drinking a gallon of water a day. I know. After my dad heard me say that, the next day he sent me an email warning me of the dangers of "water intoxication" (if you know my dad, you can totally hear him saying that and totally think it's funny and cute). He warned of seizures! and possible death! Hmm. Well, I feel great and I haven't felt this light in a long time, probably because I pee on average of every 30 seconds.

Just wanted to share in case your looking to do something. And I turn 30 in 7 days and I can't wait - finally I'll be a grown up!


Ashley said...

Sweet! I have to remember this app, seeing as how I'm on my way to gaining 40 lbs again ;-)

And I feel the same way about turning 30, funny how being married with 3 kids still doesn't make you feel like a grownup!

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Shannon!
Hope you have a great 30th :)