Thursday, December 06, 2007


so with names like Piper and Finley, you can't just name him Brian so here's our short list. I will let you in on a secret, though, we pretty much have already decided...


Piper is insisting that his name is Michael so I think he will have a double middle name: Michael Grimm. Grimm is my mother's maiden name and, yes, she is a relative of those Grimms, the ones who wrote the fairy tales and I have always wanted to use Grimm but is just didn't seem to work with girls.

So, betcha can't guess which we've chosen?

and I'll post more about reactions and such later because I think is will be a novel and I don't have time for novels right now!

and because all our baby bedding is pink and flowery I think we'll be going with one of these:

they're both by Dwell and I'm leaning towards the transportation one because it matches Jason's Christmas present.


Beth said...

I personally love Callum Michael Grimm! Are you going to make us wait until he has arrived to let us know his name?!

BTW, those cribs are awesome and so is Jason's Christmas present!!

Kellie said...

Ok. I love everyone of those names. I would love for you to pick Jonas just so he could say, "My name is Jonas and I'm carrying the wheel." I LOVE Gideon and actually had suggested that to Eric before we knew what Hazel was. I have a friend who has a Gideon and he is the sweetest boy.

Callum is also another name I had thought of with Hazel because it's awesome.

Ok, so I think you guys picked Seamus. :)

I LOVE the bedding. Dwell is my favorite I think. I love the transportation set the best I think.

As far as the Vespa, there are not many people that actually look ok on a Vespa. The idea is cool, but then they look like a total tool once they start driving it around (in the states anyway) BUT your husband is one of the few people who I can picture driving one and it suiting him. :)

Kellie said...

Eric wants to know why Cosmo is not on the list....:)

CFinley said...

Periodically I search my kids' names on the internet, just to make sure nothing weird turns up, and when I did, your blog came up right at the top of my daughter's name. Her name is "P" and our family name is "F." As you're playing the name game again (we did it 6 times), I just thought that was fun.


Catherine said...

Wow, we have similar taste in names. I am currently pregnant with B/G twins. Our favorite names are
Callum Michael or Callum William
Piper Elizabeth
We LOVE both names. I had a question about your Piper. We love the name but have heard from people they feel she will get made fun of as a child. Is your Piper teased and if so is it tolerable?

Thanks! Good luck with finding a name. Callum gets my vote.

I'm Shannon said...

Piper doesn't really get teased at all...her name really suits her. She will be starting kindergarten next year, though, so we'll see if anything happens then. We're really into teaching her to be assertive so I don't forsee any problems. The only negative is the Piper/Diaper rhyme but she pretty much nips that in the butt whenever anyone says it!

Most everyone that hears her name, loves it.

Callum is a great name! Good luck!