Tuesday, December 13, 2005

2 Days

Yes, we leave for NYC in 2 days and I have a whole list of things I have yet to accomplish:

1. Worry about leaving the girls

2. Pack 4 people - Me, Jason (yes, I pack for him), Piper, and Finley

3. Grocery shop for various food items that the girls will need - ie soy milk and oatmeal

4. Freak out about leaving the girls

5. laundry, laundry, and more laundry

6. Did I mention I am extremely nervous about leaving the girls - like that queezy feeling you get in your stomach because you are so incredibly anxious

7. Wrap some presents so they are done

8. Finish Christmas shopping

9. I am leaving my BABIES. ALONE. WITHOUT. ME.

10. Clean the entire house from top to bottom

so, do you think I will get it all done?

By the way, I have some things I really want to write about but I have not had the time or the motivation to get it done. Maybe I will blog from NYC, but maybe I will just be too busy having fun and worrying about my babies. Did I mention that we are leaving them here?

oh, and NOBODY has given me any suggestions of what to do, where to go, or where to eat while in the big apple. Come on people. I will blame you all if I don't have a good time! You have 2 days. Get busy.


Beth said...

Is this your first time leaving your girls?? If I had to guess I'd answer my own question and say yes! Ha! Anyway..enjoy your trip. I've never been to New York so the only tip I can give you is to have fun and don't worry!! I'm sure your girls will have a blast where ever they are going!!

Shawn said...

mmmm....nyc....love it....where you going?

Shawn said...

how long will you be there?

and...you realize that someone will have to stay in MI to take care of the kids, right? :) you can't just leave them at your house.


Jason Egan said...

Your girls will be just fine! Enjoy yourself!

Evan said...

HEY! We gave jason some Ideas, blame it on him... next time I'll go straight to the top and cut out the middle man

Laurie said...

Absolutely go to the village and Soho...and got to rockefeller plaza, where the big tree is and ice skate...I used to live there..got your Blog from jason E.. man I miss NYC

globalfriendshipnetwork said...

hey Shannon , why dont you bring girls with you